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Information for clients

How do I use the pantry? How does it work?

All current University of Utah students, staff, and faculty members are able to use the the Feed U pantry. Make sure to bring your U ID with you to your visit. Present your ID to a volunteer and you will be given a  bag (bringing your own bag is encouraged) to select what you need from the pantry. Once you are finished, your food items will be weighed and your U Card will be returned and you will be free to be on your way.

More questions about pantry function can be found in our frequently asked questions.

 I can't make it to the pantry when it is open. What can I do?

If you are  not able to make it to the pantry during its open hours, premade bags of food are available at the Union Services Desk in the Union lobby. Items in the bags that are unwanted can be left at the front desk. A U Card is required to receive items from the services desk.

"How safe is my food?" guidelines

Clients are sometimes curious how safe the food the food they pick up is for consumption. The Feed U Pantry follows food storage guidelines adopted by the Utah Food Bank and other food pantries to ensure that the food clients are receiving is safe to eat. Certain food items are safe to use and consume for some time after their printed "best by" date. The pantry has a sticker system for inventory to better communicate these date ranges for each specific item. Periodic inventory checks are performed to update the sticker color appropriate items.

 A brief version of the shelf life guidelines followed by the Feed U Pantry can be found here. Comprehensive guidelines can be found here


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Last Updated: 5/24/18